Food growing

Why grow your own food with others

Growing your own food is very satisfying.

You can grow the food you like most, pick and harvest it fresh from the garden, and have the great feeling of nurturing the plants and producing something tasty. Kids love it too, watching the seedlings pop through the soil and then grow food which they can pick and nibble on. You can choose to grow organically for tastier and more nutritious results, and think about planting for butterflies, bees and other pollinators and wildlife.

There are also well documented benefits to both physical and mental well-being from spending time in the garden, with your hands in the soil and immersed in growing process. Working together with others in your community has the added benefit of creating and strengthening relationships and friendships. 

Increased engagement with nature as part of the seasonal growing process can help develop a deeper understanding of nature, biodiversity and the ecological problems on the horizon. 

Food which is grown and eaten locally leads to less food miles with a reduction in traffic, pollution and the burning of fossil fuels, a decrease in plastic and other packaging, and a higher nutritional value.  

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